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Combat Krav Maga was born out of a driving passion and belief in the Krav Maga system. My mission is to bring this self-defense system to as many people as possible through classes, seminars, and low cost/free events open to the public. I aim to show that one does not have to be big, full of muscle, or have a fighting background to quickly learn and implement effective self-defense techniques. With over 18 years of experience in training & teaching Krav Maga, Combat Krav Maga  is by far the most detail oriented Krav school in Tucson for real-world self-defense. Every single class at our school is taught by Jenna Herder- a certified USKMA (United States Krav Maga Association) 3rd Degree Black Belt. My goal is to bring you the most comprehensive and thorough instruction I am capable of. I am continuously studying and furthering my knowledge and training of so that I can bring you the most useful, effective, and up-to-date techniques. Combat Krav Maga exists to teach real-world self-defense to address real-world situations. 



Jenna Herder

Owner, Combat Krav Maga- Unit 545

I began my Krav Maga journey in 2005 under Krav Maga Worldwide at Ultima Martial Arts Center. I went to watch a class. I immediately signed a 2-year contract without ever having an intro. It had everything I was looking for- it was straight to the point, no unnecessary moves, easy to learn techniques, aggressive, and practical, plus a great workout to boot. It was love at first sight. In 2014 I earned my Black Belt under the United States Krav Maga Association (USKMA), in 2016 my Second Degree Black Belt, and in 2021 my Third Degree Black Belt. Krav has permeated every single aspect and layer of my life. I have gained such confidence, drive, dedication, discipline and focus from my training that it spills over into my job, my daily life, and my personal makeup. The joy that I have from being a lifelong Krav student can only be matched by the joy I have found in teaching. To be able to help people learn skills, confidence, and the mindset to have the very real capability of defending themselves or their loved ones gives me such an abundance of joy and gratitude. I have been given the gift of teaching and I am so blessed to be able to instruct others this incredible self-defense system that helped form my life throughout the years. It is my absolute passion, and even after 18 years of training Krav Maga I still get excited before every single class. It would be my honor to have you train with me and let me show you what makes this system so incredible!

I was born and raised in Tucson. I own and operate I-10 Self Storage and I also own  Lacquistry; an online business where I make and sell nail polish. I have 2 dogs and a fluffy cat. 

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Combat Krav Maga- Heavy Bags

2000 sq ft open mat space, 100 lb hanging Muay Thai heavy bags, hanging pull-up bar/trapeze, assorted hanging grip strengtheners

Combat Krav Maga- climbing wall

11 foot tall climbing wall, hanging monkey bars, rings, climbing ropes, pull-up rope grips, medicine balls

Combat Krav- Climbing wall/ropes

Heavy bags, climbing ropes, rings, pull-up rope grips, hanging monkey bars, rock climbing wall, training pads/knives/guns/sticks

Combat Krav Maga- Bags/Ropes

Kettlebells, medicine balls, heavy bags, climbing ropes, rings, pull-up rope grips, assorted hanging grip strengtheners

Combat Krav Maga- Climbing wall

Hanging monkey bars, 11 foot tall climbing wall, training pads/guns/sticks/knives, medicine balls, jump ropes

Combat Krav Maga- Monkey Bars

Hanging monkey bars, 11 foot tall climbing wall

Combat Krav Maga- Heavy bags

100 lb hanging Muay Thai heavy bags, assorted hanging grip strengtheners, XL medicine balls

Combat Krav Maga- Ropes/Rings

Rings, climbing ropes, pull-up rope grips, training pads/guns/knives/sticks

Combat Krav Maga-  Heavy Bags/Balls

Heavy bags, varying hanging grip strengtheners, fitness balls, heavy battle rope

Combat Krav Maga Studio

Heavy bags, hanging grip strengtheners, kettlebells, XL medicine balls

Combat Krav Maga

Hanging pull-up bar/trapeze

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