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-5:45-6:15pm Intros/Open Mat

-6:15-7:10pm Level 1 Krav Maga

-7:15-8:05pm Level 5+ Krav Maga


-5:45-6:15pm Intros/Open Mat

-6:15-7:10pm Level 1 Krav Maga

-7:15-8:05pm Level 3+ Krav Maga


-5:45-6:15pm Intros/Open Mat

-6:15-7:10pm Level 1 Krav Maga


Light Sparring

-7:50-8:35pm  Level 2 Krav Maga


-5:45-6:15pm Intros/Open Mat

-6:15-7:10pm Level 1 Krav Maga



-7:50-8:35pm  Level 2+ Krav Maga




-INTRO- The intro goes over the basics: fighting stance, movement, strikes, kicks, a self-defense technique (time permitting) and answers any and all questions. We also go over proper pad holding. An intro is required for brand new people, and only needs to be taken once. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

-KRAV MAGA- Fast-paced action-packed adult co-ed classes combining realistic self-defense with an intense workout. Punching, kicking, groundwork, weapons defenses, self-defense, multiple-attacker drills, protecting a loved one, situational awareness and more. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. LEVEL I class is the basics for those new to Krav or for those wishing to keep their fundamentals sharp. LEVEL II AND UP is for more advanced students who are very familiar with the basics and are ready to learn more advanced techniques and concepts.

-LIGHT SPARRING- Geared towards those who are newer to sparring. Basic fundamentals of movement, strikes & kicks, combinations, targeting, drills, and more in a non-aggressive, non-competitive, safe learning environment.

-SPARRING- Intended for those with more experience who are comfortable with applying their striking and kicking skills in full (controlled) contact, in full gear with another person or persons.

-FEMALE FRIDAYS- WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE- Krav Maga (self-defense) geared towards women's specific self-defense needs and situations in a women-only class taught by a woman. Focusing on situational awareness, choke defenses, soft targets, bear hug defenses, ground defenses, wrist releases, hair-grab defenses, weapons defenses, weapons of convenience, the psychology of an attacker, warning signs we tend to ignore, paying attention to your intuition, how to deescalate a situation, preemptive indicators, and more. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. (COMING FALL 2023.)

ACCEPTED METHODS OF PAYMENT: Credit/Debit Card, Check, Venmo, PayPal or Cash


-$75 a month for unlimited classes.(Scholarships available*)Online payment option available here.

-$70 a month for military/veterans/law  enforcement/first responders/students/teachers/social workers. Online payment option available here.

-$13 drop-in classes. Online payment option available here.

-$0-$5(sliding scale)for Female Friday's 

-No signup fees. No hidden charges. Discounts for more than one person in the same household.

*A note on pricing- I do this because I love it and I want to help as many people as possible. I NEVER want cost to prohibit someone from learning how to defend themselves. Talk to me if money is an issue and we will work something out.

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