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Combat Krav Maga Tucson Realtor Safety Tips:

· Have a buddy and check in with each other every 15 minutes. It can be a simple as sending an emoji.

· Get a portable security camera to set up at the front door or in the driveway.

· Snap a picture of cars or people through the window as they walk up.

· Put a notice in the window that security cameras are in use.

· Familiarize yourself with the emergency buttons on the home alarm system.

· Schedule group appointments or showings so that you are not alone with one person.

· Meet at your office first and make copies of photo ID’s.

· Let your office know exactly where you will be, for how long, and who you will be with. Have them call and check on you if they have not heard from you. Have a safe word or phrase.

· If you feel uneasy Facetime a buddy. Let them know you might be calling in advance and have them put their phone on mute so as not to draw attention.

· Have friends or coworkers stop by throughout the day to check on you. Volunteer to do the same for them.

· Do not enter a room first and do not turn your back. Invite the client to go in the room first and stay close to the door.

· Do not get yourself cornered in a bathroom, walk-in closet, or basement.

· If you feel uneasy snap a picture of the person. Send it to a buddy, to your email, or to a family member. You can turn off the shutter sound so that this is a silent action.

· Keep the door locked and have people call you to gain access to the open house. This stores their phone number on your phone and can be traced back to them.

· Mention that a friend/husband/coworker is on their way over.

· Have 911 already dialed in on your phone so all you have to do is hit send.

· Get a voice-recognition enabled phone so that you can verbally tell it to call 911.

· Before the open house begins find a weapon of convenience in every room.

· Do open houses and showings of vacant properties with a safety buddy so that you are not alone.

· Never show a home or property without giving another person the name and info of the person you will be with. Also give them their car description and license plate number.

· Do not wear high heels- it is harder to run, harder to maintain your balance, and harder to fight with.

· Consider concealed carry, gel/foam pepper spray, or carrying a panic button.

· Say hello to the neighbors and bring them something (like cookies) along with your business card. Let them know you will be having an open house that day. Not only does this facilitate a positive interaction to where they may use/recommend you in the future- it makes an impression. They may keep an eye out for you is they see anything suspicious.

· Look into the Real Estate Safety Matters Course offered by the National Association of Realtors.

· Take self-defense classes and practice situational awareness.

· There are numerous safety apps, some designed with realtors specifically in mind. Below are a few options, do your own research to see which one suits you best:

o Find My Phone (iphone)

o GPS Phone Track (Android)

o HomeSnap Pro

o Life 360

o SentriSmart

o See Something, Send Something

o Guard Llama

o Agents Armor

o Wear Safe

o People Smart

o React Mobile

o Safe Fi

o Trust Stamp

o Bmonitored

o Bsafe

o Find My Friends

o Real Safe Agent

o Google Location Sharing

o Forewarn

o Safeshowings

o PROtect

o Sentrikey Real Estate App: Agent Safety Feature

· ABOVE ALL LISTEN TO YOUR GUT INSTINCT. IF IT TELLS YOU TO GET OUT, LISTEN TO IT! Don’t try to rationalize or talk yourself out of it, it is there to keep you safe!


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